Ovation Credit Review 2021

Are They One Of The Best Credit Repair Companies In 2021?

In this Ovation Credit review, we're going to show you how Ovation Credit works, its pros and cons, and whether its the best credit repair service for you. 

Starts at $69/mo

Updated: May 26, 2021 

If you're in the market for a credit repair company, Ovation Credit deserves your attention. 

Backed by LendingTree, Ovation Credit offers a professional credit analyst to review your credit history, provides you with unlimited disputes to the credit bureaus, and unlimited validation and goodwill letters with their premium package.

We've researched all there is to know about this credit repair company, so take five minutes and enjoy our Ovation Credit review. 

Ovation Credit review at a glance

Ovation Credit Pros

  • A+ BBB ratingWe couldn’t find too many complaints on their Better Business Bureau profile, and the ones we did find seemed to not understand their price structure.
  • Mobile access. We always prefer the companies with free mobile apps—it helps you keep better tabs on where your credit is headed and makes it easy to communicate with the company.
  • Identity optimization. This is an add-on feature you can buy for a one-time fee of $25, and is perfect if you have had issues with fraud or identity theft in the past.
  • Fast processing. If you purchase the Essentials Plus plan, your documents will be processed the very same day.
  • Personal case advisor. You’ll have one person assigned to you to help you through your credit repair process, which is a nice personal touch.

Ovation Credit Cons

  • Very few customer reviews. While not having too many negative reviews is a good thing, they also don’t have a lot of positive reviews. We were hard-pressed to find a ton of customer feedback, and they don’t offer customer reviews on their website like their competitors do.
  • No on-line sign up capability. The only way to contact Ovation initially to sign up is by phone, which can be a deterrent if you are more comfortable with email or online forms.

Who is Ovation Credit?

Ovation Credit is a credit repair company founded by LendingTree that’s been around since 2004.

They work with their customers to help restore credit scores and build solid credit profiles, and their trained financial staff has the knowledge and expertise needed in this field, making them a solid option in the industry.

For more than a decade, Ovation Credit has been helping tens of thousands of customers repair their credit and gain a firmer financial foundation.

How much does Ovation Credit cost?

Ovation Credit offers two plans to serve their clients, and it’s their viewpoint that this prevents customers from having to pay for services they don’t need.

Essentials Plan ($114 First Work Fee, $69 Per Month)

The Essentials plan includes everything most clients would need for credit restoration.

With this plan, Ovation Credit will lead you in the dispute process for each item on your report that you feel is inaccurate or misleading in any way. 

You’ll also get a personal case advisor who will guide you through this entire process and give you practical advice for improving your credit. And along with that service, you’ll have access to their financial management tools.

These give you everything you need to build a budget and pay off debt. 

Essentials Plus Plan ($114 First Work Fee, $99 Per Month)

The Essentials Plus plan is Ovation Credit’s most popular plan—it contains everything the Essentials plan has, plus a few other helpful features for the person with more challenging or complex credit issues.

With it, you’ll get unlimited challenge validation letters, which are fully customized and proven to be effective at getting many items removed from credit reports. They also send out unlimited goodwill letters on your behalf which may address incorrect items or simply request they be removed as a courtesy. 

Additionally, you can receive a recommendation letter signed by their staff attorney that could help you with future lenders. And finally, the service includes credit monitoring with alerts to changes that affect your credit report, which can help prevent identity theft as well as let you know when items are removed.  


Ovation Credit offers some discounts you may be eligible for.

Couples can receive a 20% discount to work on their credit together, and if you're switching over from one of their competitors, they’ll give you a $50 credit.

In addition, they offer a 10% discount to senior citizens and military personnel, as well as a $30-$50 referral credit.

What does Credit Ovation do?

Credit Ovation works with you to clean up your credit and improve your score.

To begin with, you’ll get a complimentary review of your credit reports and financial history, and a professional credit analyst will advise you about how they can help you and which package you might need for your particular situation.

Then, if you do decide to sign up for their program, you’ll be assigned a personal case advisor to work with you throughout the process. At this point, they will activate your personal online dispute manager portal and start discussing your potential disputes.

Their electronic system then goes to work submitting your initial disputes for you—you can view your progress 24/7 through your online portal. You will also get email updates from your advisor each time a change is made to your credit report.

If you signed up for the Essentials Plus plan, your advisor will also be sending out challenge validation letters and goodwill letters to your creditors. They’ll also monitor your TransUnion credit report and provide you with a recommendation letter at your request.

At the end of each cycle, Ovation Credit will send out another round of disputes, and they will escalate the process if you paid for the Essentials Plus plan.

How does Credit Ovation help repair your credit?

If you’ve recently been turned down for a loan or received a sky-high interest rate, you know the importance of a good credit score.

Repairing your credit is the best way to qualify for car loans, mortgages, personal lines of credit, and credit cards—and this is where a credit repair company like Credit Ovation comes in.

But it’s also important for other things, too.

For example it’s no longer good enough to have a degree and a great resume—many employers now obtain credit histories for all their applicants. These credit reports are used to make determinations as to responsibility and financial standing. 

Another place where you will almost always be subjected to a credit check nowadays is on a rental application—landlords view this as a way to decide what they can expect from you as a tenant. Many will overlook minor flaws, but they almost always have a minimum score criteria, and they also look for things like evictions and repossessions that might let them know someone is a bad credit risk. 

It’s important to note that there are particular laws governing credit repair companies and their procedures. These stipulate mainly that they can’t make lofty promises or charge you for services they haven’t performed yet. But there are also credit regulations that limit what can be removed from a report.

A credit repair company like Ovation Credit can only have inaccurate or fraudulent charges removed immediately. But in many cases, they can use goodwill letters to appeal to creditors’ good nature. These tend to be most effective in instances where there is one late payment among several on-time payments.

But no credit repair company can remove items that are accurately reported. In other words, if your credit card was charged off, it will likely stay on your credit for 7 years.

How long does Credit Ovation take to repair your credit?

With Ovation Credit's Essentials Plus package, they begin processing your case the same day you sign up.

And once a creditor receives a dispute, they have 30 days to provide evidence that the item is yours, and many customers start to see results in that first 30 days.

You may see an item or two fall off your report and a jump in your credit score, and after that, you should continue to see some type of results every 30 days or until you discontinue your service. 

Keep in mind that no credit repair company can promise you a quick fix, or promise you any results at all.

However, with Ovation’s knowledge of the credit industry, they have a pretty good track record for identifying items that can possibly be removed.

How do you sign up for Ovation Credit?

Ovation Credit currently only offers a phone signup option—the number to call is 866-639-3426.

At that time, they’ll tell you how to get your credit reports to them for your free consultation.

What are customers saying about Ovation Credit?

As we said earlier, we couldn’t find a ton of reviews for Ovation—but what we did find was mostly positive.

Doloris praised them for getting her credit score bumped up 53 points in less than a month, while Maria said she used other companies with no results, but that Ovation was able to help increase her score by 35 points within a couple of months.

Jashe’ was impressed that Ovation was able to get an item knocked off her credit report that she had been concerned with for some time.

Customers seem to love the one-on-one service they receive. In fact, almost all of them name theirs in their reviews.

The main complaints about Ovation are related to cancellation issues or misunderstandings about payment plans—each one seems to be addressed satisfactorily by the company.

Ovation Credit review summary

Whether you have a few credit issues you’d like to clean up or some major problems, Ovation Credit is a great company to hire.

Their one-on-one customer service is a unique approach in the industry that customers seem to appreciate, and their choice of packaging makes them a good fit for almost anyone.

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