Lexington Law Review 2019

Are They The Best Credit Repair Company In 2019?

In this Lexington Law review, we're going to show you how Lexington Law works, its pros and cons, and whether its the best credit repair service for you.

Starts at $89.95/mo

Updated: Feb. 22, 2019 


Repairing your credit score can be a complicated and time-consuming process if you’re trying to do it all alone. 

DIY credit repair requires a lot of steps to follow, timelines to adhere to, and fancy industry jargon to understand—not to mention sending out letters to the various credit bureaus.

That’s why if you’re trying to repair your credit, it might make sense to work with a credit repair company like Lexington Law.

Read on to learn about Lexington Law’s credit repair services and see if they’re a good fit for you.

Lexington Law review at a glance

Lexington Law Pros

  • Experienced legal staff
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Superior credit counseling
  • 15+ years experience
  • Positive customer interaction

Lexington Law Cons

  • Mediocre BBB rating
  • Confusing pricing tiers
  • Extra charge for additional credit reports

Pros of using Lexington Law

We like Lexington Law for your credit repair needs for several reasons, including:

Legal staff

The main thing that makes Lexington Law stand out is their legal staff: everyone is either an attorney, a paralegal, or someone trained by them. In other words, when they repair your credit, you can rest assured that it is done legally and professionally.

Reasonable pricing

We also like that Lexington Law offers affordable pricing for their credit repair services. If you’re already having financial trouble, the last thing you need is to be gouged with another high premium!

But with Lexington Law, you can get a basic credit repair package for $89.95 a month—which will work for almost everyone—and even the upgraded packages aren’t too terribly expensive at $109.95 and 129.95 per month. 

Superior credit counseling

We love that Lexington Law uses a completely customized approach to credit repair—when you sign up for their services, you’re assigned a dedicated paralegal who you will deal with the entire time, ensuring that your representative is familiar with your situation, so you’re not getting someone different every time you call. 

Since explaining our credit situations can be somewhat embarrassing, we feel this is a nice personal touch that can put you at ease. They will not only work on fixing your credit, but they will also give you personalized advice on getting it back on track.

On top of their superior personal counseling, they also offer a whole slew of information right their website.

Their “Credit Repair Guide” walks you through the entire process, and they also have a section called “Credit 101” that offers a ton of credit advice and education, with topics including credit bureau disputes, laws, solutions, debt settlement, identity theft, and much more. 

More than 15 years' experience

Lexington Law has been around for more than 20 years, but they’ve been offering credit repair services since 2004, so you can bet they know a thing or two about the business.

In this time, they’ve helped over 500,000 clients repair their credit and removed millions of negative credit report items.

Positive customer interaction 

Lexington Law’s success stories speak for themselves, but what impresses us just as much is how they handle customer complaints.

Their Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile does contain some customer complaints and negative reviews, but they address each of them personally and appear to have closed them all with a positive conclusion for the customers. 

Lexington Law cons

As with any company, Lexington Law does have some areas we feel they could improve on, such as: 

Mediocre BBB rating

Unfortunately, Lexington Law is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and they have a rating of C, which is not normally a great sign.

However, we still stand behind the company because they appear to address and resolve any and all complaints. 

Credit is a very personal and touchy subject—if you’ve ever been desperate to clean up your score, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

It’s our feeling that companies like these are going to have some complaints no matter what, likely because most people who hire credit repair companies are in a desperate situation and they want great results and they want them now.

Take Note

Do keep in mind that credit repair can take some time and there are no guarantees for results. Companies that offer guarantees like that are typically not legitimate and they may be using some shady tactics to get results.

That being said, a low BBB rating is always something you should be a little cautious about when looking for a credit repair company. Just make sure you manage your expectations and cancel the service once you feel they’ve done all they can for you.

Confusing pricing tiers

Like we talked about earlier, Lexington Law has three service levels: Concord Standard, Concord Premier, and Premier Plus, which are priced at $89.95, $109.95, and $129.95, respectively. 

While three tiers may seem like a good idea for a service, it’s a little confusing as to which you might need.

Most customers probably only need the Concord Standard plan, which covers the essentials of credit repair: the firm will communicate with your creditors and the credit bureaus, and they will dispute negative items, which is pretty much all you need for basic credit repair. 

With the next level of service, the Concord Premiere, you get a few extras like a FICO tracker, identity protection, TransUnion alerts, InquiryAssist, and monthly credit score analyses.

And finally, with the Premier Plus package, you get all that is included in the Concord Premier plus “cease and desist letters.” These are letters they send from their law firm ordering creditors to cease and desist with their collection attempts.

We feel that this pricing structure could be simpler. People with severe credit issues, such as identity theft or fraud, might need a higher level of service, but three packages seems a little excessive and confusing.

Extra charge for additional credit reports

If you sign up for the basic plan—the Concord Standard—Lexington Law will charge you $14.99 for every credit report they have to pull. The other packages include credit monitoring, so you don’t have to pay this extra fee.

This is probably something that should be included in all the packages—after all, monthly credit report checks are necessary, and it should be more clearly stated in the plan descriptions on their website.

Who is Lexington Law?

Lexington Law is a highly-skilled team of professional lawyers and paralegals who litigate cases, but specialize in credit repair.  

Lexington Law has been in business since 1991, and introduced credit repair services online in 2004. They developed their own processes to help reduced costs so that lawyer-backed credit repair could be affordable for everyone.

Every staff member at this firm gets specific training for credit repair, consumer protection, and current issues and credit reporting regulations. They’ve served hundreds of clients in their nearly three decades of business and removed millions of negative items from credit reports.

As a law firm, Lexington Law adheres strictly to ethical and legal standards for credit repair, and they know what items they can legally tackle on credit reports.

Their credit repair services are 100% online and by phone, but they welcome customers to also visit their physical location in North Salt Lake, Utah for personal service. 

How much does Lexington Law cost?

Lexington Law offers three levels of service to meet every consumer’s credit repair needs.

Concord Standard: $89.95/mo.

With their most basic service, Lexington Law will communicate both with the creditors and credit bureaus on your behalf. About 15% of their customers opt for this service. It might be the right fit for you if you simply need some help getting a few incorrect items removed from your report.

Concord Premier: $109.95/mo.

The Concord Premier is their mid-tiered service, and Lexington Law will communicate with your creditors and credit bureaus. But you will also receive credit monitoring to alert you when your credit reports changed, and you’ll also get a credit score improvement chart every month, along with InquiryAssist. InquiryAssist is an add-on service intended to address excessive inquiries, and is designed for people who need moderately-aggressive credit repair. About 31% of Lexington Law’s customers purchase this tier of service. 

Premier Plus: $129.95/mo.

The Premier Plus package is the top of the line package for people needing aggressive credit repair. It includes all the credit repair services of the others, but in addition, you’ll receive your FICO® score data every month and various identity fraud and financial tools. If you’ve been the victim of identity theft or fraud, this is the package you will probably want to purchase. More than half of the firm’s clients choose this service. 

What does Lexington Law do?

Once you sign up for Lexington Law, they get to work to resolve your unique credit issues, which begins with pulling your credit reports from all three bureaus. They analyze these reports with you and examine any information affecting your credit score

Next, their legal staff assigned to your case starts sending dispute letters to the targeted creditors or bureaus. Who these letters go to depends on what type of error they find.

For example, if a negative item appears to belong to someone other than you, they would probably send the first dispute letter to the credit bureau reporting it. 

Once they’ve disputed all the items they legally can, they wait for responses.

If necessary, your legal representation will be escalated to represent your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In other words, if they feel a creditor or bureau wrongly denies a dispute, they will take further action to represent your case. 

This process is repeated until they either obtain the desired results or feel that the matter has been resolved as much as possible.

During the process, you’ll also receive credit mentoring. You can call your representative as often as needed to check on your progress or receive credit advice, and you’ll also have access to an online portal that connects you to updated information as well as educational resources.

And if you sign up for either of the top-tier services—the Concord Premier or Premier Plus—you’ll receive some additional services such as access to your credit analyses through the online portal. And you won’t have to pay for the additional monthly credit reports they pull. 

How does Lexington Law help people with poor credit?

Before you invest in a credit repair service, you’re probably wondering how it can help you. Or, in other words, when and why you should sign up.

Here’s how Lexington Law can help:

  • 1
    They can help you obtain credit you were previously denied for. This might include credit cards, home loans, or other financing.
  • 2
    They can help you get the job you want. You may not realize that many companies now use your credit score as a determining factor in their hiring process.
  • 3
    They can help you get that apartment. Almost all landlords have minimum credit score requirements for potential tenants.
  • 4
    They can help you get lower interest rates. With less than ideal credit, you may still be able to get a loan, but your interest rate will be much higher.
  • 5
    They can help you get lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies often use your credit score as a determining factor in what type of rates you will pay.

Lexington Law helps with all these issues by working to raise your credit score. Each negative item on your credit report can negatively impact your score, so even if they can get one item removed, your score could suddenly become significantly higher.

Here are some of the negative items they can challenge and possibly have removed:

But aside from just removing negative items, their credit counselors can give you advice to raise your score. For example, if they notice you have high credit utilization, they may suggest that you pay down one of your loans as quickly as possible. Or they might suggest opening another credit account. 

Keep in mind that there are no guarantees with any credit repair company that they can raise your score. But this company has a proven track record of about 10.2 removals in four months on average (across all three reports).

While Lexington Law has a high success rate, there are some items on a report that no one can legally remove. And because they’re a legitimate company, they make no such false claims.

Some of the things they can’t help with are:

  • Legitimate debts. No credit repair company can have legitimate debts removed from your credit report. If the creditor can prove the debt is yours and that you actually owe it, the credit bureaus will not delete it.
  • Legitimate inquiries. Lexington Law will try to get credit inquiries removed that may have been obtained without your permission. But if a company can show evidence that you approved it, it will likely stay on your report.

How long does Lexington Law take to repair your credit?

On average, it will take Lexington Law about six months to repair your credit.

Remember of course that every case is different, and many of the customer complaints are based on this misunderstanding.

A lot of people are able to see drastic results within the 90 days, and most see their best results after six months, but there are some cases that can take up to a year to show drastic improvement.

These cases that take longer are typically due to extensive fraud or identity theft that requires multiple letters and intervention to resolve.

But it’s important to know that it can take time to see the results you want, and there are no guarantees you'll see any results at all. In some instances, negative items are proven and will unfortunately remain on the credit report.

How to sign up for Lexington Law

If you’ve decided to sign up for credit repair services with Lexington Law, congrats! We think they’ll give you the best chance at raising your credit score.

On their homepage, you’ll see a phone number you can call to get started. You will also see a couple of links to sign up online.

Most people probably use the link to sign up, since it's the easiest way to get started, but either way you will end up speaking to a representative to discuss your case. 

If you’re on the fence about which service to use, however, we recommend just calling the toll-free number to begin with. They can help you decide how extensive your credit repair should be.

You can cancel your service with Lexington Law at any time by calling 800-341-8441. They just ask that you give the process adequate time for results, but most of the online reviewers said the representatives didn’t hassle them when they decided to discontinue it.

How to contact Lexington Law

You can contact Lexington Law by phone at 855-454-7420 or 855-681-4105 for questions or to sign up for their services.

Or you can click on one of the sign up links on their website. You can also email them at quickanswers@lexingtonlaw.com

What are customers saying about Lexington Law?

Finding out what previous customers have to say is one of the best ways to rate any company. And Lexington Law, just like most other websites, list several testimonials for their services, including some that highlighted:

  • Cleared up errors caused by several name spellings 
  • Removed 50% of negative items on credit report within two months
  • Raised credit score to mid 700s
  • Score went from poor to excellent within a couple of months

Another good place to look for reviews is the BBB website. Here are some of the positive things the customers there had to say:

  • "Removed 14 items in 3 months"
  • "Removed 34 items within 3 months"
  • "Very quick and proficient"
  • "Raised credit score enough to buy a home"
  • "Credit score raised more than 100 points in 4 months"
  • "Worth every penny!"
  • "Removed 8 items within 1.5 months"
  • "Removed ALL negative items in less than a year"
  • "Incredible people! Fixed credit in 3 months"

On the flipside, there are some negative comments out there as well. The most common negative complaints are:

  • Unclear charges
  • Not enough items removed
  • Slow process (can take up to six months or more)

Honestly, most of the negative reviews of Lexington Law appear to be from customers who didn’t know what to expect and clearly didn’t understand the process.

For example, some complaints are from people who didn’t see a dramatic rise in their credit score.

But it’s important to know that no company can guarantee results or removals. Every credit situation is unique and there are some items that simply cannot be legally removed no matter how many letters are sent. 

There are also negative comments about payment methods, which Lexington Law also appears to resolve positively. Some customers complained about payments being drafted after their service ended—the law requires that credit repair companies only charge customers after services are rendered and not before. 

These customers didn’t seem to understand that, but the ones who did have legitimate concerns were addressed personally by Lexington Law.

Lexington Law review summary

Whether your credit is mildly bruised or completely in the toilet, a credit repair service can help you change the course of your financial future.

Lexington Law is one of the top credit repair companies available and we highly recommend you give them a try.

While many other companies offer similar services, very few of them have an entire legal team going to bat for you like they do.

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