The Credit Pros Review 2019

Are They One Of The Best Credit Repair Companies In 2019?

The Credit Pros are one of the most highly-rated credit repair companies out there.

In this review we'll do a deep dive into the pros and cons of using a credit repair service like The Credit Pros. 

Starts at $69/mo

Updated: Mar. 8, 2019 


When you're trying to repair your credit, you basically have two options: you can either do it yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you.

While it's definitely possible to repair your own credit, do know that it requires a lot of steps to follow and will take up a good chunk of your time—and there's a good chance you might do it correctly.

A good credit repair company can step in and save you the headache of trying to DYI your own credit repair—but you need to make sure you're choosing a reputable company.

In this Credit Pros review, we go over the services they provide, the pros & cons of working with a company like this, and whether The Credit Pros is the right credit repair company for your needs.

Who is The Credit Pros?

The Credit Pros is a credit repair agency that has been around for about 10 years, dubbing themselves a “financial technology firm dedicated to educating [their] clients on how to avoid credit oriented mistakes in the future.”

They were ranked one of America’s 500 fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine for several years in a row, and they also maintain an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, which isn’t easy to do in this industry!

The Credit Pros has a staff of licensed attorneys and Certified FICO professionals, and because they believe in educating their clients, they offer in-depth consultations aimed at achieving and maintaining a good credit score.

How much does The Credit Pros cost?

  • CreditSentry package. $19 setup fee & $19/mo. [credit monitoring only
  • Money Management package. $119 setup fee & $69/mo.
  • Prosperity package. $119 setup fee & $119/mo.
  • Success package. $149 setup fee & $149/mo.

The Credit Pros offers four packages to fit everyone’s needs—here's a breakdown of each one.

CreditSentry package

This package is intended for people who only need credit monitoring. For $19 a month, you'll receive a full credit report, TransUnion credit monitoring, and identity monitoring on your credit reports and social media.

Money Management package

With this package, you’ll get all the credit and identity monitoring of the first package, as well as the credit repair services The Credit Pros is known for. And you’ll get their custom budgeting system and bill reminder service.

Prosperity package

With this package, you’ll get everything the first two packages offer, and in addition, you’ll be signed up for their prescription plan that saves you up to 80% on medications. This package might be a good investment if your credit has been damaged by medical expenses and you need a little help in that area.

Success package

The only thing this package includes that the others don’t is a guaranteed $1,500 line of credit at HuttonChase Department Store. This comes with reporting to the credit bureaus to help build your credit.

The Credit Pros "Pros" & "Cons"

Here are some of the things we like most about The Credit Pros:

  • Highly-qualified staff. Not only is their entire staff highly qualified, but their owner is a certified FICO professional and licensed attorney.
  • Unlimited disputes. Most companies only dispute a few negative items per cycle (commonly 15), but The Credit Pros does not limit this—they send out all their disputes during every cycle. 
  • 24/7 access. The Credit Pros has an online customer portal where you have round-the-clock access to case managers and also allows you to see their progress and upload documents.
  • Educational resources. They offer free consultations and credit advice for their customers, but aside from that, their website is also chock full of educational blog posts about everything from credit cards to company info.
  • A+ BBB rating. Their customers don’t have a lot of negative things to say about them, and the ones who did seemed to be directly addressed by the company.
  • Money-back guarantee. It’s always a good sign when a company offers a 100% money-back guarantee—The Credit Pros’ guarantee is good for 90 days.

And here are some things to keep in mind before purchasing their services:

  • High fees. Their services aren’t the most expensive in the industry, but their setup fees are a little higher than most.
  • Limited availability. The Credit Pros currently does not conduct business in several states, including Kansas and Maine.

What does The Credit Pros do?

The Credit Pros is unique in that they offer extensive credit and identity monitoring to all its customers—for this reason, it’s one of the highest recommended credit repair companies for victims of fraud who’d like to clean up their reports.

Free consultation

They start with your free initial consultation where they let you know if their services will be helpful for your situation. Then, if you decide to sign up, they’ll help you choose the right package. 

Review your credit reports

They then tell you how to get your free credit reports, and they start combing over them for any negative or erroneous items they think they can have removed.

During this time, they also consult with you about how you can improve your credit score, educating you on things like debt consolidation and how to avoid bad credit situations in the future.

Sending out dispute and goodwill letters

Once they’ve identified items they can dispute, they start sending out dispute letters to your creditors.

But they also have an effective method for fighting even accurate items on your report—for these, they send out something called goodwill letters, which appeal to the good nature and customer service of your creditors to remove items as an act of goodwill.

These can be effective for removing a late payment in the middle of many on-time payments. 

The Credit Pros also offers cease and desist letters if you need debt collectors to stop harassing you—these letters let your creditors know that you are working to resolve your debt and that they must cease and desist all collection activities.

Dispute avalanche

After their first round of letters, they continue in what they call a dispute avalanche, which just means that they keep sending out disputes with further information until they have resolved all they can.

At this point, they will inform you that they’ve done all they can.

Some customers continue to use their credit and identity monitoring services even after their credit repair has reached its limit.

How does The Credit Pros help people with bad credit?

Bad credit doesn’t just keep you from getting loans—it can also affect your ability to get the job you want, the apartment you applied for, and your insurance rates.

But these are the reasons most people seek the help of credit repair services in the first place. 

The Credit Pros, along with any other credit repair service, can help to get inaccurate or fraudulent items removed from your report.

Surprisingly, about 1 in 5 Americans have at least one error on their report. These errors can be simply misreported information, or they can be the result of fraudulent activity. 

Challenging these items can have a significant impact on your credit score, and removing just one item can boost your score by more than 100 points, depending on what type of item it is. 

What The Credit Pros cannot help you with

Remember that no credit repair company can guarantee the removal of accurate items on your credit report, as these items are likely there to stay on there (though there are exceptions).

They can, however, send out goodwill letters in the hopes that creditors will have mercy on you and delete an item or two. But this is a fairly rare occurrence that shouldn’t be expected. 

According to the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), a credit repair agency cannot represent themselves with untrue or misleading information.

In other words, this law protects consumers from lofty promises that companies can’t back up.

There is never a guarantee that any credit repair service can raise your score or get anything deleted—they can simply use their expertise to estimate their results.

How long does The Credit Pros take to repair your credit?

Generally speaking, it may take about six months to see the full results of credit repair.

Once dispute letters are sent out, creditors have 30 days to verify the reported items.

Some customers report seeing results within those 30 days, but most probably won’t notice a significant difference for at least about 90 days.

How to sign up with The Credit Pros

To schedule your free consultation, you can either call The Credit Pros toll-free at 855-894-2012 or you can register online—their registration form allows you to schedule your call from a list of available times. 

Within 3 to 5 business days of signing up for their services, they begin sending out dispute letters on your behalf. Then, in about 60 days, you’ll receive another copy of your credit reports in the mail, which you’ll mail or fax to The Credit Pros to start their next round of disputes. 

You can also cancel your service at any time by calling their toll-free number.

What are customers saying about The Credit Pros?

The Credit Pros has overwhelmingly positive reviews from its customers, which is pretty impressive in this industry. 

One customer on the BBB website said that their score was raised 40 points in the first round, and also praised the level of customer service they received.

Sherrita also loved their customer service and that they sent out all her disputes at once, rather than a few at a time. And the portal was at the top of her list of perks she enjoyed.

Another customer was thrilled to qualify for a loan for a new Mercedes after they helped her repair her credit.

Other reviewers saw fast boosts to their credit scores, experienced polite and understanding customer service, and learned how to help themselves in their unique credit situations.

The main complaints we found were about being unable to quickly reach customer service and continued drafts after cancellation.

Wrapping up

The Credit Pros is a reputable company with an A+ BBB rating and their customers rave about their excellent customer service and positive results.

Because the company offers intensive credit and identity monitoring, even on social media, we highly recommend this company to recent victims of identity theft or other types of fraud.

But even if that’s not the case for you, they’re an amazingly helpful resource for helping you get a higher credit score. 

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