Best Credit Repair Software for 2021

Updated: June 17, 2021

best credit repair software

If you want to improve your credit score, credit repair software can be a good compromise between using a credit repair service and going the DIY route. If you're considering credit repair software, it's important to thoroughly research your options so you can feel confident you're picking the software that best suits your needs.

The 12 Best Credit Repair Software Options

Credit repair software is something of a middle ground approach between trying to fix your credit on your own and hiring a credit repair company to do it for you. If you're organized and committed to rebuilding your credit, software can be a useful tool as you go through the credit repair process.

#1. Credit Repair Cloud

Credit Repair Cloud, which used to be called Credit-Aid, is actually marketed toward people who want to start a credit repair business of their own or add credit repair services to an existing business. For example real estate agents and auto dealerships frequently deal with customers who can benefit from a better credit score.

The software operates much like any other credit repair software, with the ability to assist other people with their credit repair needs. Plans range from $179 a month for three users and up to 300 active clients and go all the way up to the Enterprise plan, which costs $599 a month for 24 users and up to 2,400 active clients.

Once you're up and running with the software, you can set your own fees for the clients you serve. The software gives you the ability to create dispute letters and all the other documentation you may need to run a successful credit repair business.

If you just want to repair your own credit, Credit Repair Cloud probably isn't worth the cost and setup time. However, if you enjoy credit repair and would like to help others after you fix your own credit, it may be worth considering. 

#2. Credit Saint

Credit Saint is a full-service credit repair company, but it also offers a more budget-friendly package for people whose credit may only need a light tune-up. If this sounds like you, the Credit Polish is $79.99 a month plus a $99 setup fee. 

At this price, Credit Saint will dispute items on your behalf to all three credit bureaus. However, you are limited to five challenges every dispute cycle, so you may need to upgrade to a more expensive package if your credit score needs more work or you have a lot of negative items you want to dispute. 

#3. The Credit Pros 

The Credit Pros offers a broad menu of credit repair and credit monitoring services. If you plan on handling dispute letters yourself but want to get alerts when your credit score changes or a new item is posted to your report, the CreditSentry Monitoring package is only $19 a month. 

However, if you want The Credit Pros to submit disputes for you, you'll need to upgrade to a more expensive plan. The next step up is the Money Management package, which comes with credit monitoring plus debt validations letters sent to creditors on your behalf.

#4. The Credit People

The Credit People is a credit repair service that offers two tiers of services. The monthly plan is a pay-as-you-go service that costs $19 to set up and then $79 a month, and the flat rate plan is $419 for six months of credit repair services. 

If you go with the monthly plan, you can cancel at any time without incurring any additional fees. The Credit People also offers a money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied with their services. 

#5. Credit Firm

Credit Firm is a credit repair service as well as a law firm, which sets it apart from most of the competition in the credit repair industry. There is one service package, which costs $49.99 per month. 

For that price, Credit Firm will send an unlimited number of dispute letters on your behalf. It also gives you unlimited inquiry challenges, unlimited goodwill interventions, unlimited debt validation, and a complete legal audit of your credit report. 

#6. Experian Boost 

Experian Boost is a well-known credit repair option, as its linked to Experian — one of the three major credit bureaus. One of the biggest perks of Experian Boost is that it's absolutely free, so you can take advantage of the service without worrying about hurting your budget.

Experian Boost isn't necessarily credit repair software. Rather, it allows you to get credit for paying your phone and utility bills on time every month. 

Because phone and utility bills aren't typically reported to the credit bureaus, adding these payments to your Experian report can boost your score. To use Boost, you'll need to connect the bank account you use to pay your bills to the Boost program.

On the downside, Experian boost will only impact your Experian credit report. However, the service is free, so it's probably worth checking out if your credit report could use some help.

#7. Personal Credit Repair Software (AKA Personal Credit Builder)

Personal Credit Repair Software, which also goes by the name Personal Credit Builder, is a cloud-based tool that lets you tackle the job of credit repair on your own. According to the company's website, the software finds all of the negative items on your credit report with a single click and generates corresponding dispute letters automatically.

The company's site states that the software works for late payments, collections, charge-offs, judgments, tax liens, repossessions, and even bankruptcies. Keep in mind, however, that no creditor or credit bureau is obligated to remove a negative item so long as they can prove that it's being accurately reported.

The Personal Credit Repair Software site lists the price of the software as $399.97, however there is a limited time offer on the site with a 50% price drop to $199.97. 

#8. Turnscor

Turnscor is credit repair software that gives you the tools to use a DIY approach to credit repair. Once you're signed up, the software will analyze your credit reports and alert you to any negative items. 

From there, you can have the software generate dispute letters you can send to each creditor or credit bureau. If a creditor or credit bureau removes or corrects an item, Turnscor will automatically update your information in the software system. 

Unfortunately, Turnscor doesn't list its prices anywhere on its website, which makes it difficult to know how its software stacks up against the competition. However, the site mentions a 60-day money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied. 

#9. Credit Detailer

Credit Detailer is credit repair software that bills itself as the simplest credit repair software in the country. The company offers both personal credit repair software and enterprise software for people who want to start their own credit repair business.

The most affordable option is the Personal Edition Bundle, which costs $399.99 and comes with the software plus 60 minutes of credit repair coaching from a credit repair expert.

#10. Intuit Turbo

Intuit Turbo is made by the same company that makes TurboTax and Quickbooks. Rather than credit repair software, Intuit Turbo offers tools to help you get out of debt, lower your credit utilization, and improve your credit score.

Unfortunately, Intuit Turbo doesn't generate dispute letters or identify negative items on your credit report. However, both the website and app are totally free to use, so it's definitely worth considering Intuit Turbo if you want to make better money management part of your credit repair strategy. 

#11. Credit Repair Magic 

Credit Repair Magic is credit repair software that says it uses a "self-directed" approach to credit repair rather than a do-it-yourself approach. According to the company's website, its "point-and-click simplicity" sets it apart from its competitors.  

It's unclear from the Credit Repair Magic site if the software generates dispute letters or any of the other documentation you may need to send to creditors or the credit bureaus. Instead, the company's website states the software uses "the credit report itself for the dispute." 

Credit Repair Magic also claims it eliminates the problem of credit bureaus rejecting disputes due to "frivolous and irrelevant" requests by "using ugly letters that look deliberately unprofessional." According to the company, "the less professional-looking the request, the better the results." 

There are few reviews available for Credit Repair Magic, and the company has zero customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. The company's site says it charges $349 when customers order over the phone, but it offers the software for $97 if you order online.

#12. DisputeBee

DisputeBee offers credit repair software for both individuals and people who want to sell credit repair services as a business. With DisputeBee, users can import their credit 

reports and automatically generate dispute letters. 

The software also comes loaded with templates for the various types of correspondence you may need to send as part of the dispute process. The software costs $39 per month for individuals and $99 per month for businesses. 

What Is Credit Repair Software?

Credit repair software bridges the gap between DIY credit repair and hiring a credit repair company. While the software can guide you through the process and sometimes even create dispute letters for you, it's ultimately up to you to send the letters via certified mail and follow up with creditors and credit bureaus regarding your dispute. 

Credit repair software comes in a variety of forms, and each software package has its pros and cons, so it's important to thoroughly research your options before you buy. While some software packages offer robust features that offer a lot of support and guidance, others require you to be more independent. 

How Does Credit Repair Software Work?

Generally, credit repair software is something you purchase, either through a software license or a monthly fee, and then use to guide you through the credit repair process. Because there are many different players in the credit repair software market, it's tough to describe how the various software offerings work as a whole.

However, some of the more well-known credit repair software programs operate as follows:

  • You upload your credit report to the software system - Many credit repair software packages require you to obtain your credit report, which you can do for free, and then import your reports to the software. However, some types of credit repair software give you an option to request your reports from within the software. 
  • The software analyzes your credit reports - Once your reports are imported into the software, the program will analyze your reports and identify any items appropriate for dispute. 
  • The software generates dispute letters - If you decide to dispute an item, the software will create the appropriate dispute letter for you. In most cases, all you need to do is print, sign, and mail. 
  • You mail the dispute letter to the creditor or credit bureau - When you're ready, you mail the dispute letter and any supporting documentation to the credit bureau or creditor. It's important to send everything via certified mail so you can prove when you sent it and that the creditor or credit bureau received it. 

Many of the more powerful credit repair software programs offer guidance on what to do if a credit bureau or creditor can verify the negative item and refuses to remove it. 

Common Features of Credit Repair Software

Credit repair software runs the gamut from very basic to enterprise software with all the bells and whistles. As you shop around for a software package that fits your needs, you're likely to come across some common features like credit score monitoring, credit report dispute software, and credit score simulators. 

Generally, credit report dispute software is a must-have if you need to challenge negative items on your credit report, whereas credit score monitoring and credit simulators fall into the "nice to have but not necessary" category. Also keep in mind that if credit repair software doesn't work the way you hoped, you can always hire a credit repair service to clean up your credit. 

Credit Score Monitoring 

Sometimes called credit score tracking, credit score monitoring services monitor your credit file with the three major credit bureaus and alert you when there is potentially negative activity on your account that could hurt your score. 

These days, credit score monitoring is usually accessible via mobile app, so you can easily keep an eye on your score. On the downside, monitoring services are typically limited, so you might need something more powerful if your credit score needs a lot of work. 

Credit Report Dispute Software

If you have a significant number of negative items on your credit report and you feel comfortable tackling credit repair on your own, you might be just fine using some of the better known credit report dispute software products on the market.

Generally, dispute software packages come with everything you need to quickly generate the appropriate challenge letters and other correspondence. These software packages also tend to feature user-friendly dashboards and tools to help keep you organized as you manage multiple disputes. 

The plus side is that credit report dispute software tends to be more affordable than paying a credit repair service. However, there is still a cost involved, and the software won't give you anything you can't create on your own. 

Credit Score Simulators

Credit score simulators let you run hypothetical scenarios that show you have a specifica financial move could impact your credit score. For example, if you're thinking of purchasing a new car, you can use a simulator to see how taking on new debt could affect your score. 

While credit score simulators are great financial tools, they really aren't much help when it comes to disputing negative items on your credit report. For that, you probably need credit dispute software or the help of a credit repair service. 

Credit Repair Services 

The credit repair process isn't necessarily difficult, but it can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Most people lead busy lives, and they don't necessarily have time to write dispute letters and follow up with creditors and credit bureaus.

This is where a credit repair service can help. Reputable credit repair companies typically charge a monthly fee in exchange for reviewing your credit report, identifying negative items, and disputing them on your behalf. 

Factors to Keep in Mind When Deciding the Best Credit Repair Software for You

With so many credit repair software options available, it can be hard to choose. As you research various options, consider the following factors. 


First, look at how much the credit repair software costs relative to what it offers. Also consider whether the software requires a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription, as paying monthly can get expensive over time. 


Compare and contrast the features of each type of software. No credit repair service or software can accomplish anything you can't already do on your own, but a good software package or service can streamline the dispute process and keep you organized.  


Search the software maker's name online, keeping an eye out for positive and negative reviews. While every business is bound to receive some negative reviews, an overwhelming amount of poor reviews could be a sign the software doesn't deliver as promised. 


As you read through reviews, look for user outcomes. If reviewers talk specifically about their credit score increasing after using a type of software, this could indicate the software will work for you, too. 

Customer Service

Most credit repair software companies list their customer service information, as well as hours of availability, on their websites. If you need help troubleshooting the software or the dispute process, having direct access to a knowledgeable support person can be a big help. 


Your credit report contains sensitive personal and financial information, so you want to make sure any software you use is encrypted and capable of safeguarding your personal data. 

Best Credit Repair Software FAQs

The following are common questions and answers regarding the best credit repair software available on the market today. 

What Is the Best Credit Repair Software?

There is no one-size-fits-all credit repair software option for sale. Just as everyone's finances are different, everyone's path to better credit will vary. 

Instead of trying to find the best credit repair software, focus on finding the best credit repair software for you. What works for one person might not be the best fit for you. 

Do Credit Repair Companies Really Work?

Legitimate and reputable credit repair companies can help you dispute negative items on your credit report. While they aren't a magic bullet and they can't do anything you can't do on your own, they can help ease a lot of the burdens of writing dispute letters. 

What Is the Fastest Way to Repair Your Credit?

Probably the fastest and easiet way to repair your credit is to dispute all of the negative items you can find in your credit report. By law, the credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate and either prove the item is accurately reported or delete it. 

Is Lexington Law Good for Credit Repair?

Lexington Law is a reputable credit repair service and law firm. It has a good reputation online, and its prices are competitive. It's also a real law firm, so you get access to actual lawyers and paralegals who can help you clean up your credit. 


The credit repair process can seem daunting, which is why many people turn to credit repair software for help. As long as you're organized and determined to boost your score, credit repair software may be a good option for getting your credit score back on track.

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